Thursday, September 22, 2016

Paige || 16 months

Paige turned 16 months last week. I can sum up Paige in one word...BUSY! Paige is constantly on the move. Constantly running, constantly climbing, and constantly getting into anything and everything she shouldn't be. Life with Paige is nothing short of exhausting but so much fun!

She is still our happy, sweet girl and we love her so!

So what's new:

  • Paige can climb the stairs from the bottom to the top all by herself and likes to give us a heart attack sometimes when she does it when we are not watching. Thank goodness for the stair barrier we just put up. 
  • Paige is saying all kinds of new words. She can even put two words together.
  • Paige officially outgrew the sink and is taking baths in a blow up duck bath in the actual bath tub. Paige is still not a fan of the bath tub for some reason. 
  • Paiges loves to be outside and especially loves to run down the sidewalk unassisted. 
  • Paige started mom's morning out. So far, it has not gone well. She has terrible separation anxiety so I'm not sure how long that is going to last. 
  • Paige is down to one afternoon nap. It was a little rough at first, but she is now down to one nap a day. She can usually make it to 1:00, and then she is out for a few hours. 

Paige is still a great sleeper. I was just thinking back to last year at this time. I was exhausted all the time. By the time I could rest it would be time to pick up Ella from school, and the day would start all over. Paige woke up every single night for about the first 10 months of her life. I didn't think I would see a full nights sleep again, but thankfully once she started sleeping all night she never looked back. It nice to feel "normal" again. Paige goes to bed at 6:30/7ish and sleeps until around 7:15/7:30. Like I said above, she is down to one good nap a day from 1:00-4:00 usually. She is a great sleeper, and I hope she stays that way. I do love my sleep!

Paige is a great eater. She loves just about anything I put in front of her. When she is hungry she says "num num". She loves snacks and gets here fair share throughout the day. If I leave our pantry open on accident she always helps herself to whatever she can find. It's so nice to have a child that isn't picky. She is the total opposite of her sister

Paige loves to be outside. She loves going for walks (long or short). She loves running around in the driveway/sidewalk. She also loves to swing. She loves to do what Ella is doing. They both really enjoying putting babies on the fan and watching them fly off when the fan is on. She loves to slide and has learned to climb up and go down all by herself. She has gotten pretty good at stacking rings. She loves books and is able to name some of the things in her first word book. She loves baby dolls and pushing them around in her stroller. 

Things I want to remember about Paige at 16 months:

Paige is so sweet and loving. I didn't think she could be as attached to me as Ella was, but she is! She constantly says "mama". Sometimes when I pick her up she will pat me on the back and look at me and say "mama". She is such a mama's girl. 

Paige loves Ella. She knows when she wakes up from her nap Ella is home from school. She starts saying her name as soon as she wakes up. Paige loves to watch Ella and learns quite a few things just from watching her. Ella is still super quiet around her but is definitely ok with Paige being around. Ella is my second set of eyes and lets me know when Paige is doing things that could hurt her. We call Ella "safety patrol jr.", because she is always on the look out. We know she loves her sister but just hasn't quite figured out what to say to her yet. 

When my parents come over Paige starts saying "go go go" (once she is done saying "mamma") when she sees my dad. My dad likes watching horse racing when he is at our house and apparently Paige does as well. 

I always take Ella to school while Adam stays at home with Paige. After I drop Ella off and pull in our subdivision I can see Paige running around the driveway waiting for me. She always gets so excited and smiles so big when she sees me. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Grandparents Day Celebration 2016

Ella's school had their grandparent's day program yesterday. Ella was SO excited for this day. She said she had trouble sleeping and didn't go to sleep until 4am. She loves having us at school, but I think she loves shopping at the book fair the most. 

Paige was so excited to go see her sissy at school. I was a little nervous about how she would do during the program, but she made it. 

The program was so cute. This was our third year so we pretty much know the drill. I think it's the same every year but always cute! Ella spoke on the microphone again, and I am so proud of her for doing so. 

After the program we headed up to Ella's classroom for snacks. I hadn't been in Ella's classroom yet but still couldn't tell you what it looked like. I spent quite of bit of time chasing Paige around the hallway. Ella had fun visiting with her grandparents and shopping at the book fair so it was worth it. 

This program always takes me back to Ella's kindergarten year. At her first program I had just found out I was pregnant and was on the verge of bursting into tears the entire time. Now look at us! 

Ella is so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. 

Ella and her best school friend, Jossalyn. They are a cute pair! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Life Lately- August edition

This is life via the camera roll....

Paige turned 15 months on 8.11.16. I had good intentions to do a post all about her at 15 months, but it just hasn't happened yet. 

It's hard to get a decent picture of Paige these days since she is seriously RUNNING everywhere. The only way to get her to sit still is to strap her in a seat or put her to bed. Sometimes I go run errands just so I can sit (in my car) for awhile. :) 

Paige loves cups with a straw so every time we go somewhere she has to have water in a straw cup. 

Her hair is getting so long so she is sporting this hair do most days. Try putting a busy one year old's hair in a pony. It's not easy! 

I took this picture and afterwards realized how big she is looking. She is seriously growing up so fast, although there are days where it doesn't seem like it! 

Paige finally figured out she could climb the steps. She likes to get about midway and start whining until someone comes to get her. 

We had the lower level of our house and hallway upstairs painted last week, and it looks so much better! It just seems lighter and brighter. 

Paige was obviously freaked out by the drop cloth. She would not walk on it and was not happy when I was standing on it. Oh the drama! 

I painted Ella's room on my own. It took me about four days to get it done, which is why we hired a company to do the rest of the house. I'm glad it's done though! Ella really loves her room so I was happy to paint it for her! 

We have spent a lot of time enjoying our pool since we moved in. I absolutely love having a pool, and since it's salt water there hasn't been much maintenance. It was closed as of today, and I already am looking forward to next summer. 

Ella's bff from school lives super close so she has come home with us after school a couple of days. They have the best time together. I'm thankful Ella has such a sweet best friend at school. 

Ella had a lower tooth that was hanging by a thread. She DID NOT want that tooth to come out even though it was making her absolutely miserable. Everyone at school knew about it. It was making us all crazy. We were even an hour late for school one morning, because it was bleeding.  One day after school Adam and I were determined that tooth was going to come out. I found myself at 8:00 at night at CVS buying anbesol in hopes of getting that tooth out. She would not let anyone touch it so she finally pulled it around 9:45pm. There is never a dull moment 

Last week I had to take Elliott to the vet. I ended up taking Paige with me as well. It was a fiasco. We got a new vet that took forever, and Paige was running around the room trying to get into everything. I was so happy to get out of there. Poor Elliott has/had a double ear infection so it's a good thing that we went. 

So that's life lately. Our life is always busy, crazy, messy, and exhausting but I can't imagine it any other way! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Home sweet home

We moved a couple of weeks ago, and we are finally settled. While we were going through the moving process and unpacking I wasn't sure if we would get to this point. I knew it would be stressful, but I didn't realize just how stressful this whole process would be. 

Before I go into detail about our move  I wanted to share this picture of Ella and Paige in front of our old house. 

When we moved in this house on Elizabeth Lane Ella was only four years old, and Paige wasn't even thought of yet. We made many happy memories together here. We celebrated birthdays and holidays. Ella started kindergarten while living in this house. I remember pulling in the garage and getting out of my car crying while I told Adam (who was standing in the doorway of the garage) that I was pregnant. 
We brought Paige home to this house and watched her grow from a baby to a toddler. Adam's career took off all while working from the office in our backyard.  Lots of things changed while we were in this house, but I can honestly say we only have good memories. Our home on Elizabeth Lane was a great house for that period of our life, but we knew it was time to move on.  

Moving day finally came on 8/6/16. Only we would move two days before school started. That just added to the stress. The week prior to our move we had to deal with a delayed closing and a couple of other bumps in the road. When the day finally came we were thrilled. 

The movers showed up at 8:30am and didn't get us completely moved in until almost 8:30pm. Believe me when I say it was a LONG day. Adam took Ella and the dogs to our new house to wait for the cable company while I kept Paige at our old house. It turned into a disaster zone pretty quickly. Not only was it a mess, but flies were flying around everywhere since the door was being left open for long periods of time. Paige was also not able to take a nap on moving day so that just added to the stress. She did enjoy micro managing though. ;) 

By mid day Paige became pretty chummy with the movers, and they were nice enough to let her watch. Ella was in her room by the point stewing over the fact that she couldn't get to another pair of underwear. It's always something! 

Paige was EXHAUSTED by bedtime. I rarely see her just laying on the floor, but she did that afternoon. 

On Saturday we should have been unpacking, but we had to enjoy the pool. We absolutely love having a pool. Since the water is salt water there isn't much upkeep which is great for us. 

Adam made four trips over to our old house to pick up what we had not packed yet and dumped it all in our dining room. 

We have all adjusted fairly quickly to this house. Even the dogs! Sometimes I feel like we have lived here forever. 

We had our landscaping redone shortly after we moved in. It was all overgrown so it was nice to pull some of it out and add new. 

We have a nice deck overlooking our pool/backyard so it's nice to sit out on it for the occasional cup of coffee or wine. 

We handed over the keys to our old house this past Friday. It felt good to have all of this past us. It was a stressful couple of months but definitely worth it in the end. We love our new house and can't wait to make many happy memories here. 


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